Business Packages

We provide our EXEX series to Japanese companies in Myanmar and local Myanmar companies.

As the core functions are in package, features can be constructed at low cost and in a short time.


● EXEX Product Control System

EXEX Product Control System is a business package for medium- to small-sized manufacturing industries with excellent cost performance by eliminating excessive functions and standardizing only necessary functions for business.

In addition to production management work, it can also be used as order management, stock management, sales management system.

By using a low-cost cloud service, we can easily operate from each site and support overseas expansion.

● EXEX Sales Management

EXEX Sales Management is a complete package related to sales management.

While encompassing functions as sales management, it can also use as prospects of customer management before order acceptance and inquiry information consecutively from customer information to internal workflow.

You can check the transactions in real time as it is compatible with cloud.

EXEX Human Resource Management

EXEX Human Resource Management System able to manages attendants and customization of internal regulation rules and also correspondence internally regarding to government’s law change, collective data import function is so, troublesome manual input work can be leave out.

Since it is a system of the Web system, it can be used from anywhere in the world and make quick business decisions.

■ IT Infrastructure Service

We provide optimal and advanced infrastructure environment which is the key to analyzing customer’s business strategy and provide optimal services and solutions to solve various issues related to IT infrastructure.

We offer services from consulting to implementation, maintenance and operation management with our picks from hardware, software and communication carriers corresponding to the requirements and the budget.

■ Internet Service

We introduce the fastest and most stabilized Japanese ISP in Myanmar. Features of Japanese ISP introduced by us is as follow.

  1. High quality
  2.  Monitoring the condition of the line on the 24 hours system
  3.  Solving or reporting within 4 hours since the failure occurred
  4.  Customer can monitor easily log in securely and check generate own Internet traffic report anytime anywhere with Internet access